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How to display your AirNav on the net

I have been asked how to put your AirNav live on the net

First you need a web space to FTP "upload" your image to. I use a company called UK2 and you can visit their site HERE You will only need the basic package. Now you need to make a page to display your AirNav image, I have made a basic "get you started" page that you can download HERE This will download a .zip file with 2 folders and 1 html file, You will need to upload all of this up to your server. You can use this page as it is or edit it and add your own header image and details about your setup. Now you need to tell your software to FTP the image to your new site. I only know how to do this with AirNav Radar Box. At the top of your page click File then preferences and it will bring up this box.

AirNav Radar Box FTP settings

I have highlighted the FTP section in the red box. Here you will need to put your FTP settings that you would have got from your web site host when you signed up. If you get any problems setting up your page just email me and I will see if I can help.

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