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My AirNav Setup

The AirNav 3.13 software is running on under Windows 7 32 bit

The PC is a Core 2 6300 CPU @ 1.86GHz with 3 GB of ram

The system is running 24/7 and uploading images round the clock

See my AirNav Live HERE

Antenna is a RadarMax X2, I was running the supplied antenna outside and when I upgraded to the RadarMax antenna at the same height my aircraft count on the screen went from around 20 to over 50 ! Well today I got the RadarMax X2 above the ridge of my house and tracks went up to over 100. Its on a 5ft pole as my chimney bracket is poor but will soon get new brackets fitted so I can get it on a 15ft pole. Here are my polar diagrams showing supplied antenna on my roof and then the X2. Click images for full size view. As you can see I even needed to zoom my map out to fit it all in.

AirNav with supplied antenna on roof

Supplied antenna on roof after 7 days non stop tracking

AirNav with RadarMax X2 5ft above ridge of house

RadarMax X2 antenna after 6 hours tracking

Screen shot 2 days

RadarMax X2 after 2 days tracking

I have asked the suppliers of the RadarMax about "whats inside" They tell me it's 8 1/2 wave phased dipoles end fed... each made from RG213M .. Hand cut and assembled.
. It looks very well made and is supplied with stainless steel fittings, It is fitted with a SO259 but it can be supplied with a N type connector "at extra cost" on request, I picked to have the SO259 and I use RG213 coax thats about 10m long. At a later date I may also add a mast head pre amp. Here are some photos of the antenna.

Checking on Google Earth I am only 11m ASL so this makes the top of the antenna around 20m above sea level.

AirMax installed on my roof

Antenna in its temp place on the roof

RadarMax X2 ready to install

RadarMax X2 ready to put on the roof

The RadarMax X2 cost me only £49.50 + post from Anchor Supplies. But now Rob who designed and built these amazing antennas is no longer working for them. If you would like to buy a RadarMax X2 just send me a email and I will forward your email to Rob who will contact you direct and supply the antenna.


PS I don't work for Anchor supplies or have any connection to them, i'm just a VERY HAPPY customer

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