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Some photos of my 2004 Chevy Colorado LT Z71 3.0TDI


My new chevrolet colorado

My Chevy Colorado Truck

Here is my 2004 chevrolet colorado

Side view of my 2004 Chevy pickup truck

Showing the rear of my Checy Colorado pick-up

Back of my 4x4 Chevy 3l LT pick up

Also known as: Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet D-Max
Chevrolet LUV D-Max
Holden Colorado
Holden Rodeo
Isuzu KB (South Africa)
Isuzu Rodeo

How to decode your VIN "Vehicle Identification Number"
GMC VIN number decode
Decode your VIN Chevy Colorado
Decode VIN number Isuzu D-Max Rodeo

If you want a FULL PARTS CATALOG to download you can get it HERE. It took me ages to find this and many want you to pay for it!

The ones fitted have cracks and mist up so needed to replace. I have these on route to me.

Well lights got here but they don't fit! It seems the import from Thailand may look the same but is not the same. Now the fight to get my money back from the supplier.

If anyone can help with a supplier of the ones needed for a Colorado from Thailand, please let me know.

As I am unable to return these I have them for sale, so if you have a USA Colorado import here in UK, make me a offer.

new projector and led lights for checy colorado

led projector lights fitted to chevy colorado

Got the new 2 din head unit fitted, looks far better, left photo.

Fitted 2 din head unit in the chevy coloradoFitted 2 din head unit in the chevy colorado

Update, the radio looked the part but was very poor and far too bright at night! I returned for a full refund and fitted a proper Alpine CDE-W235BT head unit, right photo.

Got a EGR blanking kit fitted

EGR-Blacked off Chevy Colorado

Just got a 3ft LED light bar fitted.Chevy Pickup with LED light bar fitted

LED light bar fitted Chevy Colorado

Chevy LED light bar fitted

Still got to do the wiring for my ham radio gear.

In the future I would like to lift the truck and maybe fit some bigger wheels / tyres.

I sure would like to hear from anyone else that owns a Chevy Colorado with the 3L turbo engine fitted. Email me

My Chevrolet Colorado Truck
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