I have now sold my Chevy Astro van.

Here is my 1995 Chevy Astro Van. My first job will be to change all the 70's look wood interior for carbon fibre, As I do the work I will add some photos of how I did it and the new look inside.

Chevy Astro Van

Well covering the wood in the front of the van has turned out very hard, after a short time some of the inner corners has lifted. I have just ordered a set of dash covers from the states with a carbon fibre finish. I will post photos when I have got them fitted. Good bye to the wood :-)

Details of the work inside the van are now on a new page Chevy Astro Van

Click >>HERE Astro Van Work

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My Chevy Astro Van

I am looking to modify the front end of the van. I am trying to find some british headlights for 2 reasons. First I want a different look and second to stop blinding on coming traffic. Also some new indicators hopefully also from a british car/van so replacements will be easy to get hold of and a lot cheaper too. I will also make a new grille to fill the gap in the middle and depending on the lights fitted may also extend the bonnet to match top of the lights.

Chevy digital dashMore wood in the Chevy Astro VanBuilt in TV ib back of the Chevy Van

How LOW can a Chevy Astro van go ?

too low Chevy Astro Van


The first part of wood trim to be 3m Wrapped

Cleaned and ready for wrap

Wood trim ready for 3m Wrap

Got the trim covered

Wood trim 3m wrap

And the other side

first try 3m wood trim wrap

The finished job ready to re fit

finished the 3M wood trim wrap

And fitted back in the van

3M wrapped wood trim fitted back in Chevy van

Chop the grille about a bit.

Chevy Astro Custom grille

Chevy Astro Custom grille started cutting out

Chevy Astro Custom grille with new mesh installed

Needs a bit of work, maybe paint all plastic black.

Chevy Astro Custom grille back on the van

Today 25/Sep/2011 removing the lower pin stripes at bottom of van as quite a few bits already lifted, then it will have full clay barr and polish. Some of the lacquer has lifted on the wheels so thinking of getting them blasted and colour coded.

removed lower stripes & full polish

I am trying to decide on a bottom half re spray job for the Astro Van. The best so far was by a member of the UK Astro Safari Forum From bottom of van dark candy red fade into the original towards the top. Something like this. Also all the pin stripes removed and wheels colour coded.

Mock up of Astro Van paint job

As a old mate of mine is moving back from the USA to UK I have used the opportunity to order some new parts for my van to be sent direct to him and come over in his 40ft container. I have been amazed on the cost of parts direct from USA with free postage compaired to buying here in UK. So far I have orderd rear smoke lights, front clear lights, front and rear air shocks, rear air lift kit, HID lights and a dash mat.

11th Jan 2012 Just collected a box of bits that my mate brought back from USA with him for me. Front Pro ES3000 shocks, rear HD shocks with air line adjust, rear air lift kit, HID bulbs, Dash mat, Clear front indicator housings and a pair of rear smoke light housings.

Chevy Astro parts arive from USA

I have now fitted new shocks all round with the air adjustable ones on the back.

Today I have booked my Astro in to have a LPG kit fitted by Profess LPG LTD They have very good prices. Now I know why. No backup service!

Astro van LPG profess autogas

UPDATE: I would NOT advise anyone to use Profess Autogas. I had problems with my MPG and after 3 phone calls to them they have not bothered to return my phone calls!

I found a company "Andy Evans AutoGas" that have been most helpful with my problems. With help from them I first found that Profess Autogas had wired into the wrong lambda sensor! They had wired into the lambda sensor after the cat. and after I got myself a programming lead and software I also found all the settings were default and far from what they should be. With the help of Andy Evans AutoGas over the phone I have got my MPG sorted. Still waiting for the phone call from the jokers at profess autogas.

To top it all off I have also been told that Profess Autogas are not a a UKLPGĀ Approved autogas Installer, so now I have to pay a UKLPG installer to check my system and get it added to the register at more cost to me! Without this some insurance company's will not insure you...

LPG regulator / vaporiser

Astro van LPG fitted Stag LPG

LPG Stag-XL control box

LPG install in Astro Van

LPG install full view

Under hood Astro Van Astro vanusing Stag LPG system

90 ltr tank under the back, holds 75 ltr

90 ltr LPG tank fitted under rear of van where spare wheel would go

Details of the work inside the van are now on a new page


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