I have now sold my Chevy Astro van.

This page I will show the work to the inside of the Chevy Astro Van Chevy Astro Van

Chevy Astro Van

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Time to rip out all that cocktail cabinet wood to cover it up!

The new interior wood will be two colour with a dark red base and black top panels

Before I started to rip out internal of Astro Van

Ripping the interior out of the Chevy Astro Van

Ripping the interior out of the Chevy Astro Van part 2

more Ripping the interior out of the Chevy Astro Van

Look at how the wood has faded over time

Chevy Astro wood

The hard bit was getting the front wood out over the cab

Chevy astro front wood

First I needed to remove the front roof lining

Oh look fount a TV antenna too !

Chevy astro head lining out

The wood strip had about 6 screws holding the panel in place

The Astro head lining down

WOW there sure is some wires up here!

Astro van cab rooof wiring

Its out now, will get it covered now.

The Astro front pannel is out

Some of the wood after re cover

Custom Astro van

and the doors on the front cabnet painted

Custom Astro Van

Some parts re fitted into Astro Van

Astro Van custon inside

and the back

Astro Van re build

And with the bottom bar fitted

Custon Astro van

Tomorrow I will do all the arm rest inserts to red and maybe the vac surround and magazine rack etc. Not able to do much more after that as I left the 2 side panels that holds speakers, spot lights and air con vents at work along with the small door for the rear panel.


Finished trimming the roof parts in the back

trim roof lining in Astro Van

And the back cupboard door

Astro van custom trim

Spot lights have been sprayed red

Red Astro van spot lights

Today got some more of the small parts out for spraying, took some time due to rubbing down, primer, rub down spray

Astro Van trim spraying

The arm rest inserts have also been trimmed in red and I have removed many small panels ready for spraying. I have started to put the front back together after sorting out the wiring and hard wired the reversing camera to the flip down monitor in front as this was using a wireless system that was crap. The front roof lining is back up again.

I am a bit held up finishing the side panels that have the vents, spot lights and speakers on as I have a pair os 6x9 speakers coming and need to cut the holes before I cover the old wood parts.


This weekend I will get the final top parts finished as my speakers have arrived. I will also get all the bottom window parts removed and trimmed up.

A quick run on doing the trim work on the window parts

front part had coat of primer and satin top coat

astro van trim

cover stapled upside down in place

custom van

Card template stapled into place

van trim astro

Covering pulled over wood and template and stapled

Astro Van custom work

before cutting

Chevy Custom

staple round any holes

Staple custom trim

holes cut out for cup holder, dimmer and bed switches

Trim custom van inside

All parts re fitted

Jobe done custom Astro van

And fitted into the van

Installed into Astro Van

Just need to fit the 6x9speaker now

Top astro trim installed

Speakers, TV and lights now in

Astro van custom trim from back doors of van

And the view from front

Custom Astro Van trim from front side view

Well that's the back of the van trim finished. Next I am installing a full ICE system and building a centre consol to come from the dash up to the back of the front seats.

Today fitted a new Alpine head unit and at the same time I added a LCD volt display and a led to show alarm is on.

Alpine head unit fitted in Astro Van

The Carbon Fibre dash kit landed today. From placing order in USA "they make each kit when you order" it got to UK in 6 days! I have waited a lot longer for stuff I order within the UK

The kit came from HERE

The Astro Van carbov fibre dash kit ready to install

Watch this space

Check back as new photos will be added as I do the work.

Today I started to build a new center consol for the Astro van, all I have done so far is removed the old wooden one with the cup holders and cut away most of the plastic one that was hidden under the wood. The new center consol for the Astro van will house a leisure battery for my pc and ham radio gear and i will move the switches from the dash for the lights in the back of the van and control for sun roof.

Well it is coming on well and I have the main box between the seats made and started on the side panels. This coming week I will order up some brushed aluminum to take the switches etc.

Astro van center consol

All of the wiring to the consol goes via a connector plug and socket for easy removal.

ChevyAstro centre consol custom

Still more work to do but its part fitted for now. Next week it all has to come out again to fit the leisure battery in the center box and more wiring. I also need to make a padded cover for the center box to give easy access to battery and wiring.

I have now installed the wiring "4AWG" to add a amp and sub in the back of the van. The sub I will be using is a 1000w Kicker L7 15 inch in a temp sealed box

Kicker L7 15 inch 15" subwoofer

When I can get some good advice on building a sub box to suite the back of the Astro to get the best performance out of the 15" Kicker I will get building.

The amp I will be using is a JBL GTO 14001 1500-watt mono subwoofer amplifier with Remote bass-level control

JBL gto 14001

This weekend I made some changes to the wiring to the JBL 14001 as it was dimming the lights on the van! I have fitted a sealed leisure battery in the back of the van and a 140amp auto switching charge relay. Now no dimming of the lights and a deeper base

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