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Some photos of my 1998 GMC Sierra C3500 dually

As you go down the page you will see the work I have done.


Front view of my Dually

My new toy GMC C3500

Just got a new GMC Sierria Dually

My latest American pickup truck

Wanted something bigger so got a GMC Dually 5.7L

As you can see it's in need of a paint job and this will soon hopefully be sorted to make the back match the front.

I collected this from near Lancaster and on route home it broke down just north of Birmingham! It had been leaking oil "lost about 2L in total" but this was not the main problem, it cut out and the engine just would not fire up again. I got it recovered back to Northampton and I am waiting to hear back from a mechanic with some news.

With breaking down on the M6 also caused problems as a small truck came out that was unable to get me off the motorway so had to wait for a low loader, well it arived and as you can see here he had problems fitting it on his truck.

My GMC Dually was a little too wide for the tow truck

My C3500 Dually truck was also too long and over weight for the small truck

As you can see it was too long, too wide and put his small transit can well over his weight so needed to wait for a 3rd truck.

Bigger tow truck for the GMC dually

and it fit on this one but the driver still took photos to send to his bos to see if he was OK to take me.

The Dually only just fit on this tow truck

As I do work on the truck I will update this page with details and photos.

Getting the truck back on the road

Latest news is the truck is now running after needing new crank sensor and cam sensor BUT it still has the oil leak that looks to be coming from the rear main seal. As this is a one piece seal the gear box now needs to be removed and the garage don't have the space to have my truck sitting there while I source the parts!

I am hoping to get the body work done and I will get the parts on order, Rear main and sump gasket to be on the safe side. I have found another garage to do this work for me but all these unexpected repairs are mounting up.

I have just had a chat with the guy I got the truck from and he has agreed to go half with the above repairs. I am happy with this, a fair man.

Today 23/July/16 I collected my truck from Northampton and took it to Braintree to have the oil leak sorted. While its there it will also have a full service including internal gearbox filter ETC. I am still getting quotes on the full paint job.

Collecting my GMC C3500 to take to workshop

Check List of things to sort out

Get new cam and crank sensors fitted. DONE

Fit new rear main seal and sump gasket to sort oil leak. DONE

Fit new sound system. In progress

New plugs and oil filter, transmission filter ETC. DONE

Fix leak from top of windshield / screen. DONE

Full re paint to 2 tone black/orange. DONE

Spent a few hours working out how to fit a 1 din radio unit into a over sized 1.5 din hole where the very strange size "non working" radio CD was fitted. Some time in its life someone had cut off all plugs so was trying to work out the speaker wires. Well after a while I could not fine one working pair for and of the 6 speakers! So I thought I would remove the door cover and check the wiring colours only to fine no speakers fitted where they should be! So something else I need to buy. Just opderd a pair of Alpine 6.5" speakers for doors.

Trying to sort out the wiring for the new alpine head unit to go in. GMC C3500 Dually

Got it fitted but need to make a bezel to go round it

Radio CD temp fitting

Getting the GMC C3500 Sierra ready for re-paint

Took off bug deflector and front grille

GMC Serra front grille removed ready for re spray

Also removed rear bumper and removed all but 2 of the bolts that hold the rear tub in place, I will remove last 2 bolts when I take it for the new paint job as I want it painted at back of cab and tub.

Rear tub lose and bumper removed ready for paint job GMC C2500 Dually

I have now removed door cards and roof lining so when painted the door shuts can be done and last job will be remove the screen "windsheield" as there is a leak from the top. Hopefully the guy will get it out without cracking it.

Just got some orange scrim foam backed textured faux leather to re cover the roof lining and parts of the door cards.

The screen guy came round today and pointed out the real bad scratches on passenger side so I think I will go for a new screen so he getting me price and I am doing same. Looking more into the water ingress at top of screen it looks like it could be coming from the marker lights. When searched on Goggle it seems many have this problem so I have just placed order for a new set from the states.

chevy roof marker light set, also GMC

Re-Spray Decisions

On the subject of paint I have decided to go with Black and Orange

Top Panther black "Ford" and Bottom Electric Orange Pearlescent "Ford"

Had major problems with the local spray / body shop, after having it for over a month and kept fobbing me off with delay's I collected it on Friday 21/Oct/16 and the following day took it to another place. The new body shop said they are busy this coming week but will get started on it the following week.

Photos from body shop this weekend 12/Nov/2016

Arches needed to be removed

.They removed the dually arches too

The lacquer was very bad on the tub and had to be fully removed

Rear tub on the GMC C3500 needed a lot of work

The hood needed a fair bit of work on the front edge

The hood on GMC dually ready for primer

Most the prep work done

lot of rubbing down was needed GMC C3500

The tub needed to be moved back to prep back of cab and front of tub

Dually tub moved back for painting

Ready for first primer sealer

Dually ready for first coat of primer

Back shot

prep work for re paint GMC dually

Front shot

Chevy truck all in primer

The lower part of the truck getting the pearlescent orange paint

GMC C3500 full re paint

All ready for the top of the truck to get the black paint

Thats the orange on the GMC Dually truck

Masked up ready for the black

all masked up ready for black paint

Black going on top

and the black goes on the C3500 truck

And black all done

Chevy truck paint work

And the lacquer all over, Just arches and front grille to paint now

Dually got the lacquer coat now

Went over this morning and fitted the newly covered head lining, Screen to be fitted

Fitted the re coverd head liner in the Chevy Pickup

The inside of tub sprayed with a hard wearing Raptor tub coating

Dually tub painted

Short video showing Raptor bed liner getting done

Got the truck home now and finished putting front back on

Put the bumper and grille back on the C3500 GMC pickup

Also fitted a new States Plates number plate

Fitted the new chevy gmc dually head lining

Roof lighs on and hopefully no leaks as got a new set

Truck back from bodyshop


Some bits I am trying to find in the UK, 2nd hand is fine.

Steering wheel is needed

Results from my VIN all the tech stuff V8 HERE

I sure would like to hear from anyone else that owns a Gen4 GMC / Chevy C3500 dually. Email me

My 1998 GMC C3500 Dually Truck
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