MB6CL has now closed down.


Please remember all D-Star links and gateways run a 3 minuite timeout.


Today 6/Feb/2014 after a 4 year wait I now have the NOV for MB6CL

MB6CL is on 430.1875

To access MB6CL, this is what you need to put into your radio:


RPT1: MB6CL--B "note the -- is 2x spaces"

RPT2: MB6CL--G "note the -- is 2x spaces"

MY: Your callsign

The -- represents two spaces You must also set a + or - duplex of 0.000mhz for it to work.

The DTMF code of MB6CL is 34222

You can use DTMF to connect to any reflectors

#  Unlink      0   Status of linking      Reconnect to default connection (REF001C) = **

DCS Reflectors

DCS001A = D1A = D101
1D = D1D = D104
DCS005A = D5A = D501
5B = D5026Q = D617

X-Net XRF 1A = B1A / B01A
X-Net XRF 17C = B17C / B017C
X-Net XRF 21B = B21B / B021C

REF 006 C = *6C
REF 005 A = *5A
REF 005 M =*513

UR comand in your radio


UR comand in your radio


UR comand in your radio


A=1    B=2    C=3    D=4    E=5    F=6    G=7    H=8    I=9    J=10    K=11    L=12    M=13    N=14    O=15     P=16    Q=17    R=18    S=19    T=20    U=21    V=22    W=23    X=24    Y=25    Z=26

B1A      to link to      XRF001  A     UK based  Xreflector

D5B     to link to      DCS005  B     UK    DCS Reflector

*14B     to link to      REF014  B     VK    Dplus Reflector

*1C     to link to      REF001  C     USA Dplus Reflector

All of the above DTMF commands will work on MB6CL and MB6DS

If MB6CL is left on any reflector without local use for over 30 minutes, the gateway will clear the connection and re connect to REF030C

If you would like MB6CL to default back to any other reflector just email me. I do understand that after being on the same reflector for a while you hear the same hams every day.


First time on D Star ? Live in Essex ?

You will need to register on the D-Star system

If you want to get your callsign set for access on D-Star, please contact Mark Francis at Waters & Stanton. He is available Monday to Friday and would like anyone wishing to be register to email him at mark.francis@wsplc.com. He will require the following information from the person wishing to register:

  • Call sign
  • Name
  • Valid e mail address
  • Password of between 8 and 16 characters

MB6CL is set to monitor Reflector REF 030C. Here is a list of users in there now. You are able to un-link and re link MB6CL to any reflector or gateway you wish.
Use the scroll bar to move down all the list
Whats going on now with all the D-Star Network
MB6CL Equipment and setup

MB6CL D Star simplex gateway uses a Yaesu 7800 and is connected to a DVRPT V3 that is controlled by a Raspberry Pi that is running Jonathan Nailer G4KLX software.

D-Star Hotspot using a Motorola GM300 and DVRPTR V2 D Star board

I have had a re think on the radios used on both my Echolink and D-Star gateways. I have now replaced both the Motorola GM300's with Yaesu 7800's I am able to set the TX power on these without the over heating problems I was getting setting the GM300's so low.


I have just got one of the new DVRPRT V3 board and housings for the MB6CL D-Star gateway

DVRPT V3 front viewDVRPT V3 inside case showing board
MB6CL D Star gateway using a DVRPT V3

The DVRPT V3 is connected to a Raspberry Pi

MB6CL D Star gateway runs on a Raspberry Pi

And for the shack Icom ID-5100 & ID 51

Icom ID 51

And in the truck the Icom ID-5100

Icom ID-5100

And a DV-Mega in the truck when out of range of a gateway

DVmega for the raspberry pi

Need help with DR mode on your Icom 5100 or 7100 radios ? Watch this video


MB6CL Coverage map

D Star MB6CL coverage map


New to D-Star ?

Watch the following 3 videos, quite long but well worth watching to give you a solid understanding of D-Star from how the system works to programming your radio.

D Star training video part 1 or 3

D Star training video part 2 or 3

D Star training video part 3 or 3

Where are the D Star gateways and repeater in Essex ?

The X on the map showing locations are not exact

Dstar D-Star map of Essex

GB7TE Clacton on Sea Input 145.175 MHz, Output 145.775 MHz
GB7SS Hockley Input 430.7375 MHz, Output 439.7375 MHz
GB7ZP Chelmsford Input 430.4875 MHz, Output 439.4875 MHz
MB6CE Chelmsford 144.8125Mhz Simplex Gateway
MB6CL Clacton 430.1875Mhz Simplex Gateway
MB6DS Clacton 144.8375Mhz Simplex Gateway
MB6SE Southend 144.850Mhz Simplex Gateway
MB6ZZ Basildon 144.8625Mhz Simplex Gateway


GB3TE has suffered interference for some time now and in the last 18 month it is showing under 3 hours total use. A application was put in to upgrade it to Dstar. A new callsign was issued GB7TE. The frequency will stay the same.

GB3TE Dstar 2m

To program your radio to use GB7TE


RPT1: GB7TE--B "note the -- is 2x spaces"

RPT2: GB7TE--G "note the -- is 2x spaces"

MY: Your callsign

The -- represents two spaces.

Here is the coverage map. Click on map for XL size.

As you can see GB7TE will have good coverage from Ipswich down to Southend and over into Kent.

GB7TE Coverage map Dstar Clacton on Sea, Essex

Check out the Martello Tower Group website: HERE

UK D-Star repeater list with maps

To see all simplex links in UK "Click here"

D-STAR Hot Spot for Clacton on Sea MB6CL

What is it?

D-STAR Hot Spot is software for Windows that creates a D-STAR 'point of presence' (or hot spot) utilizing an analog radio and a GMSK node adapter. The hot spot creates RF access to the D-STAR network where none previously existed. With a hot spot set up, you can use your D-STAR radio (IC-91AD, ID-92, etc.) to listen to, and talk on, any DPlus equipped D-STAR repeater or reflector.

Q: Do I need a DVDongle?

Q: With a hot spot, can I access the D-STAR network with an analog radio?
A: NO - You must use a D-STAR radio in digital voice mode with D-STAR hot spot.

Q: Can I use D-STAR Hot Spot to link with Echolink or IRLP?
N: NO - Hot Spot only works with D-STAR radios in digital voice mode.

Q: Does callsign or slash routing with with D-STAR Hot Spot?
N: NO - D-STAR Hot Spot talks to DPlus. Callsign and slash routing are not supported by DPlus.

This access point would be simplex just like MB7ICL Echolink node but only for D-Star radio users and you would be able to connect to any linked D-Star repeater or reflector worldwide.

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