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GB7CL UHF DMR Repeater

DMR Marc in UKPhoenix UK DMR
DMR in Clacton on Sea, Essex

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The Martello group now has GB7CL on air. As you can see from Point Clear Martello tower it has a good coverage of Clacton and up the river path into Colchester.

PLEASE support the group's on going costs that now include internet at 2 sites. You can setup a regular donation HERE

You will need a ID number to program your DMR radio, If you don't have you then you can get one HERE

Programming details as follows:

Input: 430.6375 Output: 439.6375 with a Color code 3

Slot-1 TG9 = Local chat (Secondary)

Slot-2 TG9 = Local chat (Primary)

Slot-1 TG80 = UK wide 1 "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-1 TG81 = UK wide 1 "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-1 TG235 = UK Wide Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG801 = Metropolitan East Phoenix-UK GB7CL is under this region with 840

Slot-2 TG802 = Metropolitan West "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG810 = South West "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG820 = North West "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG830 = Midlands"user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG840 = East of England Phoenix-UK GB7CL is under this region with 801

Slot-2 TG850 = Scotland "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG860 = North East "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-2 TG870 Wales & Marches "user activated" Phoenix-UK

Slot-1 TG13 = World Wide English speaking "user activated" D-Marc

Slot-1 TG1 = World Wide "user activated" D-Marc

Full list of Phoenix Talk Groups can be downloaded HERE

Here are the code plugs used in my 2 radios and both have GB7CL already programmed as well as most of the UK DMR repeaters.

Both of the DMR code plugs have the new TG's for GB7CL added

Please report any errors found

Hytera DMR code plugs UK

Code plug for the Mobile Hytera MD-785 CPS Ver 7 HERE updated 6/3/2016 "99% UK list with Roam"

Code plug for the Portable Hytera PD-785 CPS Ver 7 HERE updated 6/3/2016 "99% UK list with Roam"

Code plug for the Mobile Hytera MD-655 CPS Ver 7 HERE updated 6/3/2016 "99% UK list with Roam"

If you need latest CPS software to program your Hytera radio HERE

And if you need the USB driver for Hytera CPS software HERE

Codeplugs TYT MD380 UK DMR

Code plug for the TYT-380 / HYDX D50 HERE updated 7/3/2016

Code plug for the CS700 HERE updated 7/3/2016

Just add your user ID number ETC and your ready to go.

Zone Manager V0.1 MD380 and clones, allows you to move zones around *do not load a plug with empty zones* also convert a MD380 plug into CS700 HERE

If having problems downloading the files use "right click" then "save as"

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Want to listen to live DMR ? Click Me

Here is the CC-3 DMR Live Android App for your phone Click Me

Jaywick martello Tower GB7CE

Here is the Dashboard for GB7CL only

And here is what's going on over all of the Phoenix Network

GB7CL uses a Motorola DR3000 DMR Repeater

Motorola DR3000

  • Supports Two Simultaneous Voice or Data Paths in Digital TDMA Mode
  • Delivers Increased Capacity & Spectrum Efficiency
  • Programmable up to 16Channels

The DR3000 uses Mototrbo™ dual slot TDMA technology to support two simultaneous voice or data paths, allowing for twice the calling capacity per licensed channel.

The Main Features of Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Repeater DR 3000

It is capable of working in analog or digital mode, allowing an easy transition from an existing analog system. Based on its IP connectivity and depending on the communication needs, it can be also used in conventional wide area IP Site Connect systems or in Capacity Plus single-site trunking systems.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 136–174MHz
  • UHF: 403–470MHz
  • UHF: 450–512MHz
Features Include:
  • Up to 16 Channels, Digital/Analog Operation
  • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25kHz)
  • ETSI DMR Standard Compliant
  • IP and USB Connectivity
  • Power Levels:
  • 1–25 Watt/25–45 Watt (VHF)
  • 1–25 Watt/25–40 Watt (UHF1)
  • 1–40 Watt (UHF2)
  • Conventional Operation or Capacity Plus Trunking
  • Transmit 100% Duty Cycle Operation
  • AC (100–240V/50–60Hz) and DC (13.6V) operation

Hytera RD985 - DMR repeater

Powerful digital repeater for small DMR radio networks.

RD895 DMR Essex

Dual mode and automatic change
The RD985 repeater can be operated both in analog and in digital mode and is completely compatible with the analog systems currently in use. The device can automatically change between digital and analog mode depending on the type of receiver signal and, thanks to the elimination of manually configuring frequencies and channels, both time and money are saved.

100% efficiency
The RD985 offers constant power (up to 50 watts) and therefore meets the high requirements of all conventional digital radio systems.

Flexible installation options
The RD985 repeater can be installed in a 19-inch equipment rack using an optional installation kit. Alternatively, you can easily install it on a rack, a mounting support or a work table. Thanks to the space intended for an optional duplexer inside the device, the device remains compact.

Efficiency in the high-frequency range
Thanks to the TDMA technology, twice as many users can use the same channel, such as is the case with analog or digital FDMA systems. Due to the restricted frequency resources, this represents an important relief and reduces the expenses for system terminals and frequency licenses.

Secure communication
The RD985 repeater features an enhanced digital encryption function that protects your communication against wire tapping.

High cooling capacity
Thanks to heat dissipation, the power amplifier can dissipate its heat exceptionally efficiently. In addition, the integrated fan system ensures stable and powerful operation.

Operation in repeater and/or basic mode
If the repeater is operated on an analog channel, you can choose between repeater mode and basic mode. In basic mode the repeater can be used as a duplex transceiver.

High reliability
Since the repeater was designed according to military standards, it offers high reliability and excellent performance. Test results from independent laboratories have shown that the device can be operated for up to 100,000 hours without interference and it therefore meets the requirements for use in extreme situations.

What radios are out there for DMR ?

A cheap entry into DMR is the CS700 hand held radio

This full featured professional radio is the best in its class. Compare this radio to the competitors and you can see why there is no better radio to buy than the CS700/CS701. Some of its highlights are as follows:

Lowest Cost.
Compatible with Motorola and Hytera DMR Radios
LCD Display and full keypad.
Highest Power. 4 Watts UHF and 5 Watts VHF.
Better Battery. 1700 mAH Lithium Ion
Better waveform. DCS looks like a digital waveform, CTCSS looks like a sine wave.
More Channels. 1000 channels available
Better Documentation. No guessing how the unit really works.
Free Programming Software

More details and where to buy HERE

CS700 DMR handheld radio

The NEW TYT Tytera MD-380 £120 UK

■Remote kill/stun/activate ■Priority Scan
■Voice Prompt ■Complying with digital protocol ETSI TS102 361-1.-2.-3
■Power-on protection ■Compatible with Mototrbo Tier I&II
■Colour LCD display ■DTMF decoding and encoding
■Text messages in digital mode ■Updated software available for new features
■Encryption ■Analogue and Digital mode  Combined
■Updated to 1000 channels ■Programming multifunction key
■Private call,group call and all call ■Built-in CTCSS/DCS
Tytera_MD_380 DMR

Mobile DMR radios

Hytera MD-785 seems a good deal for mobile / base use

Hytera MD-785 Mobile / Base DMR radio

This DMR mobile radio offers versatile digital functions and solid loud audio. With its ergonomic design, its easy to operate user menu system and its remarkable build quality, this is the ideal solution for all your DMR needs; whether it is mobile vehicle mounted operation, or for use in the shack.

  • Excellent voice transmission - Thanks to the simultaneous application of narrow band codecs and digital error correction, the MD785 offers you an outstanding audio quality in loud environments and in fringe areas of the repeater coverage
  • Dual mode - The MD785 features an analogue as well as a digital mode and is compatible with the currently used analogue repeater systems, thereby simplifying your transition into the digital age. This also means you don't need to have two radios, have analogue and digital all in one.
  • Improved use of the radio spectrum - Thanks to the TDMA process the MD785 allows an assignment of the available bandwidth with double channel capacity. This results in a clear relief of the increasing spectrum scarcity
  • Secure communications - Besides the built-in encryption based on digital technology, the MD785 features advanced encryption options, e.g. 256-bit encryption and a scrambler function (optional)
  • Reliability and quality - The MD785 complies with the standards MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G and the degree of protection IP54 and offers a high degree of reliability even in rough environments
  • Versatile functionality - Besides the classic communication functions, the MD785 features numerous additional digital and optional functions, including text messages, individual calling and a lone worker function
  • Expansion port - Thanks to the built-in expansion port, the MD785 can be expanded by additional functions
  • Intuitive interface and key guidance - The high-resolution LCD screen offers a clear display, even under difficult light conditions. The large keyboard and ergonomic programmable keys allow this radio to be easily operated.
Where are the DMR repeaters in the UK

Understanding the basics of programming a DMR radio

HRN 210: Intro to DMR on HamRadioNow W2XAB 2015

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