MB7ICL has now closed down

MB7ICL is now on a 24/7 connection to the Ireland Server

Important you "MUST" leave 4 second gaps between overs.

This is to give all the other links time to reset.

Visit the QRZ.com page for MB7ICL HERE


News 10th November 2013

Today I replaced the PC the link runs on, This should have better audio now as I have also installed a external good sound card "SignalLink USB" If you find any problems please advise me. Paul G0HWC

News 28th July 2013

The link has had a hum on TX for a few weeks now and at long last I have found the problem. It turned out to be a small PSU that powers the D-Star interface. This has now been replaced.

News 20th October 2012

Today I have installed a new radio on the link, its a Motorola GM300. This will free up the Yaesu 7800 that was in use on the link for the new GB6CL 70cms D Star node as soon as I get the NOV.

Motorola GM300 Echolink

Programming and interface details of the Motorola GM300 HERE

The top radio is a Motorola GM300 VHF with the Echolink interface on top. The bottom GM300 radio is for the MB6CL UHF Gateway.

News 15th October 2012

Today I have needed to move the frequency of MB7ICL to 145.2875 This move comes from Ofcom. Everything else stayes the same IE the CTCSS is still 110.9

News 26th November 2011

The sound problem on the link has now hopefully sorted, I have replaced the PC with a new one. Any audio reports welcome PLEASE.

News 24th November 2010

The antenna is back at 40ft but on a lower power as per my new NOV.

News 15th October 2010

I have needed to drop the height of the antenna by 8ft as I found that it was over the height that I first applied for on my NOV for MB7ICL.

News 11th July 2010

I have been slowly moving my shack out of the house, this includes the Echolink PC from the loft and this is now also located in the new shack. This move has allowed me to shorten the feeder to less than half what it was. When I get time I will also update the radio to a Motorola GM300 "that I have wanted to do for some time. See photos of new shack HERE

Local Jammer !

I would like to thank all that helped with finding the dead keyer on MB7ICL. I visited M3ACU this morning 4/7/09 and I don't think we will be getting any more problems.

Because of many complaints from other users of the IRELAND server saying that someone has been dead keying on MB7ICL "with a 50hz hum". Today I contacted Ofcom and I have been asked to give them any signal reports + direction of signal. I have just finished installing a 2m beam so I can give a direction from me. Anyone else that can give me this infomation with their locator it will be most helpfull. Ofcom say they will be looking into the problem. It is a pitty that one IDIOT wants to muck things up for the rest of you. Paul G0HWC

News 27th June 2009

This morning I found that the PC that MB7ICL runs on had crashed, and it turned out to be the hard drive. I have now fitted a new drive and re installed all the software. If you find any problems, please let me know. I guess the heat in my loft was just too much for it !

News 24th June 2009

Today I put the node antenna back on my tower, so it has gone from 15ft to 40ft. It would be good to get reports of changes to coverage.

Ham Radio News

Every sunday the World Ham Radio News and local RSGB news will be played over the node. It will be at 11am and then again at 6pm.

Echolink Node MB7ICL in Clacton on Sea, Essex ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

This is how it works with station "A" being the node in Clacton and station "B" any one of 1000's nodes round the world

Echolink Linking Example

Equipment in use: Motorola GM300, G3VFP Echolink MKIIIA Interface and a 3GHz Pentium with 1GB or ram (See Station Details)

For a list of nodes on line now with their numbers and their status click here

If you have any comments, signal reports or questions please Email Me

I am adding features to the node all the time. Anything you would like added ? Let me know.

I keep being asked about supporting the running of MB7ICL. Here is a PayPal donation button for this.

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^^^ If you live in Essex, Suffolk or Kent please check out this group ^^^


Many thanks to Kevin 2E1HAQ & Richard G7HJK from Costal Communications for help with the NOV

Echolink node MB7ICL

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