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PLEASE NOTE: All the Emotator information I have is on this page. If you don't see what you are looking for, it is not worth sending me a email asking! Only contact me if you have some details to add to this page.

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Rotator: Emotator Data spec sheets and PDF downloads

If you can help with any missing PDF files or other Emotator details PLEASE Email me

Here is a GREAT pdf showing most of the Emotator range

My Emotator 1105 and a 1300 controler "100v" to motor

Emotator 1105 roatatorEmotoator Controlers

Inside of the Emotator 1105ms and 1300msax Controlers

Inside the Emotator 1105 Controler Inside the Emotator 1300msax controler "100V" controling


Peter Hastings whose email is:

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The KLM KT34A up at last

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