Gaxaxy Tab 3 not charging or turning on

I own a Galaxy Tab 3 and don't use it too much, Today when I went to use it I found the battery flat and it would not take a charge!

If your Galaxy Tab 3 gets in this state there is only one way to get it working again.

Galaxy Tab 3 repair

Step 1

You need to open up the Galaxy Tab 3 to access the battery. You can buy a special tool for this or in my case make your own, I used a hard plastic knife. You need to go all round the seal at the edge of the screen a few times then start to open from the bottom edge. "See the video" at bottom of page.

Step 2

Disconnect the battery plug from the main board and leave off for 1 minute then re connect battery and as soon as possible connect the charging plug and hold down the power button. Your Galaxy Tab 3 should now boot up and start to charge. Turn your Tab 3 off and give a full charge.

Step 3

After you have fully charged your Galaxy Tab 3 re assemble it by clipping the back case into place "see video"

Try not to let your Galaxy Tab 3 to fully discharge again or you may need to do this again.

I don't know if other Galaxy devices suffer from this problem? but this may also be a fix for them.

The following video shows how to replace the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 but also shows you how to open the unit to access the battery.

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