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I spend a lot of my time on the road in my work truck as I deliver all over the UK and also spend nights away in the cab. Here is my ham radio setup that I use in my work truck and personal van. When I am in the truck you will find me in a few places on the radio. D Star on reflector REF001C or DCS005B, Analogue on S20 or what ever the local repeater is.

In the Van

In my Chevy Astro Van I just have a Kenwood D710

Kenwood 710 in van

I built a custom center consol with a leisure battery that is split charged when van is running to power the Kenwood 710 and Laptop and fitted the 710 head unit in this.

Ham radio in vanKenwood D710 in Astro Van

In the Truck

In the work truck I use a Icom 7100 upgrading to a Icom ID-5100 on 2m and 70cms for both analogue and digital and sometimes use a DVAP linked to my PC when out of range of a D-Star gateway to access REF001C.

Laptop for DVAP Mobile D-StarIcom 5100 head unitD Star DVAP mobile in truck

Here is my Icom 7100 & DVAP, Also a mini DVR that records the last 6 hours driving on loop.

Icom 7100 mobile in truck also DVAP

A view showing the laptop used for TruckCam video streaming with the Icom 7100 ETC in the background. under this center consol I built is a 60amp 24volt to 13.8volt dropper. This is used to power all the ham radio gear and Fridge.

Icom 7700, Laptop and DVAP mobile

I took this photo standing on my bed, one morning I will take a photo in the dark as its lit up well in dark with all the LCD screens

Overhead view of mobile radio ham shack

D-Star mobile in the truck Icom 7100 and DVAP

For my D-Star in the truck I tried using my DVAP connected to the laptop but I found with the video streaming and APRS going via the PC, it was just too much for it. I have now got a Raspberry Pi and that connects to my MiFi wireless and works fine.

I am now running both the Raspberry Pi and the DVAP from a 30000mAh Dual USB Solar battery. This will get a trickle charge from the truck and solar. I have only added the battery to stop problems of cutting power to the Raspberry Pi each time i start the truck as this would risk corrupting the SD card as it's writing data to it.

DVAP battery solar mobileD Star DVAP mobile in truckRaspberry pi DVAP mobile in the truck D StarDIY DHAP / DVAP / Raspberry Pi

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