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On this page I will share some of the annoyances I hear on ham radio.


In recent years there have been many advances in ham radio with both radio IE: touch screen, SDR, D Star ETC. But it seems some of the new hams coming into the hobby have a strange way of chatting ! There is all sorts of new terminology ETC.


So what's this all about ?

Passing the mic over to you. We all have our own mic thanks.

Not sure who is next so I will throw the mic up in the air. Shit, now they are going to hurt someone.

The personal would be Fred or The operator name would be. Don't you just have a name ? and it ether is your name or not "would be"

Could you please send me a QSL card as I have never worked your Country before. Hmmm on a D-Star / Echolink gateway ?

Some just TX on gateway / repeater and only give their callsign ! So are they testing their callsign or what ?

There There There. Some hams seem to add a "THERE" in the over every 7th word. WHY ?

You are 599...what is my report ? Again ? Again my report ? One more time my report again, please ? In contest everyone is 599 WHY ?

We are running a xxx radio and we have a new antenna. WE ? Is there 2 or more of you there chatting to me ?

Its Fred here on the "key". If you are using a ruddy mic you are NOT on the key !

I remember when special event stations were at a special event, These days these special event stations seem to pop up for any silly reason ! And now they have strayed away from HF and onto D-Star or local repeaters ETC, and even after 3 or 4 calls of not getting a reply they still keep on calling.

When some hams have NOTHING to say they fill with Hmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhhhh Ho-Humm ETC. WTF is all that about?

HI HI is a way of laughing on CW, so why use it when chatting on a mic ? Just laugh.


If you have anything to add to this page please Email me

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