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The NEW Shack 2010

Here are the before photos starting work, Over the next few weeks I will get it clear and start the conversion. I will only be using just over half of the space as I still need space for all the junk and garden stuff.

As I get on with the work I will add new photos.

shack conversion

Shack conversion

I will be fitting a window on this side

Shack conversion

Made some space now ready to start the foam insulation next week.

I will only be using half of the garage giving me about 8ft x 11ft for the shack

new ham shack

Well got started today 5th June 2010, removed the old garage doors then have built the insulated wall and put up the 4" insulation to the roof. Next is to fit the window on the left hand side and install the 4" insulation on the walls and panel them in.

work started

Done for the day and got the hole cut for the window, ceeling boarded and started on the insulation on the walls. Still loads to do tomorow and the brick layer will be here to brick up the front to take the french doors.

New ham shack

This is as far as I have got for the weekend

New Radio Shack

And the window is in too

New Radio Shack

Doors now fitted, just need to insulate the floor, fit lights and ring main then build something for all the radios. Oh I guess I will also need to get all the crap out too that is already building up :-)

Ham Shack

Well its been a busy weekend but the basic room is now finished and fully insluated

New Radio Shack

Floor down too, Next is the 240v supply and I will get that done over the next few days as I have some time off work. I managed to make a start tonight and have installed the new fuse box ready to take the 240v supply from the main house.

New Ham Shack

Friday25th June, Been making up the boards with the mains outlets on since lunch time. Here is as far as I have got today and yes that is 38 outlets! and more to make up. Hey, you can never have too many sockets in the shack :-)

Starting the wiring in the new ham shack

All sockets now finished 52 in total. Got the carpet down and for a worktop I had 2 right hand units, so have installed one upside down, now both need sanding and varnished to make them match better.

Radio Shack bench

I have lowered the Table top 3" and varnished, Fitted a shelve to take the 4 monitors, Run the Cat5 lead for the internet and have a 8 way Netgear switch coming to connect all the PC's to. Still some way to go but it's starting to look a bit like a radio shack. Tomorow I may get one of the shack PC's in.

Ham Shack Build

For now I have put in a 4 way switch for internet. Got the PC in that runs all 80m SSTV and one of the amps and radio and 2 antenna feeders. Finally the rotator is now wired in.


Well its starting to fill up, got another PC in "the one for all 20m digital" and all feeders ETC. I still have my main PC and the Echolink node PC to move in yet. The Echolink node PC I think will go in the other part of the garage along with the 50amp PSU and just run leads through wall for monitor ETC. This should save me some space.

Ham Radio Shack

And night view

Ham Shack night view

Got the 50a PSU and the Echolink node PC "MB7ICL" into the other half of garage today. Both have loud fans so its the best place for them. Can get some more junk in here at a later time.

Ham Shack Store

Only changes in main part of the shack today have been the radio, screen ETC for the Echolink node "MB7ICL" on the right hand side. The Alpha 87a has been taken out as its going away for repair AGAIN !!! Still to go in is the main PC, This has the AirNav Radar box connected to it and I have a 50ft run of Cat5 cable coming next week to allow me to extend this into the loft.. Then one last radio to come back my 2nd Kenwood 480 that is away for repair. When fully finished I will do one big photo showing what's what.

My Ham Shack being built up

15/July and the final PC came into the new shack today and the good old shack chair too. Only my Alpha 87a and my 2nd Kenwood 480 to come back from repair now. I am sure things will get changed round as I need to fit more in. This weekend I hope to build some shelves to take the rest of the junk out of my living room.

Myhamshack near finished

Click on the above photo will give you a extra large copy with tags showing whats what

I have just about moved all radio gear into the new shack now. This last week I have fitted mirror film to all glass and installed a full alarm system with auto dialler and a CCTV system. Also built a shelving system for all the unused gear and junk.


If im not in the shack I will be in my truck.

You can track my truck on APRS and see LIVE images from my webcam at copy and past or click


Time to rip out the shack and start again 2008 (Old Shack)

Well like most of us I have been adding and adding radio gear over time and it has got to the point where I need to re think the shack !!! .... Here is the shack as it was some time back, Its worse now.

Messy radio shack

Not sure where to start !!! But watch this space...

Well time to pull it all out...........

Radio Shack

All out and working out where it will all go.......

Ham Shack part 1

its getting there.............

Ham Shack part 2

looking better now.............

Ham Shack finished

Well this will do for now. I will soon move the Echolink server out into my garage "the fans drive me mad"

My radio shack

The Echolink node server has gone into the loft now, more space and less noise :-)

My Ham Shack

Well it is up but will be coming down next summer to have the M2 upgrade fitted as it arrived too late to fit this year.

Alpha ETO Power

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