My Mitsubishi Warrior L200 Truck "MK4"

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Here is my 2003 Mitsubishi Warrior L200 MK4 Truck. It' has a 3 inch body lift off the chassis and a set of 15"x10" rims with 33"x12.5" tires

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Warrior L200 with 3 inch lift

Warrior L200 front left Warrior L200 front right
Warrior L200 back view Warrior L200 back side view

Today I sorted out the insurance and paid for a years tax so I can start using the truck in the morning for my run to work. I thought that as I would be on the road 3am I would check all the lights ETC so I know its good to go. While doing this I left it running to make sure not to flatten the battery and after a short time I found it was leaking water! Now I am thinking I better see how much water in the radiator and when I took off the rad cap found it full of oil. I must say I have had better days but best to find it now while its still running good, better than blowing it up on my 30 mile trip to work in morning. I will give some updates after I have had it looked at.

After work today I took another look at the L200 to see where the water leak was coming from and found a small hole in the top radiator hose so have a now one on order. Looked again at the oil in the water and I don't think there is loads in there, maybe a cap full but this still needs to be investigated to see where it is coming from. The oil in the engine is clean and at the right point on the dip stick.

I had a chat with the guy I got the truck from today "he has been away" and he said to get the repair done and if it is head / gasket to get new water pump and full set of belts done same time and he will go halves with the total cost of the repair. Sounds fair to me, Hope to get it looked at early next week.

Got my Mitsubishi L200 back from the garage today with its new head ETC fitted. In total it came to £1020 and the guy I got it from was true to his word and paid half the total bill. At the same time I had the EGR blanked off. Just fitted the new roll bar that I got with the roller cover, This new roll bar has a bigger space between the front and back hoop to install my stack exhaust


Jobs to be done on my Mitsubishi L200

Fit new Armadillo roller cover. DONE

Fit new roll bar. DONE

Tint front door glass sides 30%.

Fit twin stack exhaust. DONE

Remove tub and apply underseal. DONE

Fit new prop shaft center bearing DONE

Install ham radio and antennas.

Fit new seal to rear prop flange. DONE

Install decent radio / CD player.

Repair to the drivers seat stitching. DONE

Fit De-Cat bypass pipe. DONE

Fit spot lights to roll bar. DONE

Fit running lights along side steps.

Fit new rear leaf springs as one is broken. DONE

Fit new front Bull Bar.

It seems that every time I go under the truck I find more things to do and
each job is not cheap. At this rate I will have all new running gear

Warrior L200 with new roll bar fitted, stainless steel

Need to sort the gear shift after the 3" body lift as they now don't sit right

Warrior gear shiftWarrior gear shift 2nd photo

While the L200 is in getting the oil in water problem fixed I will have the EGR valve removed. Just waiting for the kit to arive.

Mitsubishi L200 EGR removal

Work done this weekend:

Both leaf springs replaced as one was broken

l200 new leaf springs fitted

The center prop bearing was replaced along with the new spider and rear axle oil seal

L200 new prop bearing and spider fitted

We removed the tub and after a good wire brush all over gave 3 coats of Waxoil.

Took the tub off and after wire brush applied wasoil

Fitted a set of angel spot lights, not yet wired up.

L200 fitted angel spot lights to the roll bar

Having a 3" Stack Exhaust system made for the L200

Parts List

1m stainless steel pipe polished Stainless stack l200
Stainless flexy pipe l200 stack De-Cat the L200 for exhaust stack

Stainless Y pice for stack exhaust L200 truck

Here is the stack exhaust fitted to my Mitsubishi Warrior L200

L200 exhaust stack rear view

Stainless Steel exhaust stack fitted to the L200 side view

And with the roller shutter in placeL200 stacks and roller shutter stainless steel

Well it all came to a end today on my way home from work. Sitting in traffic on the dual carriagewayy some old fart hit me in the rear doing around 50-60mph and pushed me into the truck in front!

RIP 27/11/15

twat crashed into mel200 not happy crashsmashed up l200my poor old l200gone to the scrap yard

Can we fix it? No we can't

And the old git that did all the damage

l200 after crashwhats left of the old farts car that run into me

All you care about is your L200

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