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My SDR Radio is on line for everyone to use

Please note you now need Version 2.2 or above to use my SDR online radio

My SDR-IQ HF radio is now connected to the SDRSPACE network.

You can connect direct to my radio, first you need to download the latest SDR Console V2.2 or above from HERE

I have now upgraded the antenna connected to my SDR to a Hustler 6-BTV 6 Band Vertical HF Fixed Station 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters


Hustler 6-BTV

SDR Radio Consol

First you need to set your AF output "AF" you can then chose where you want the audio to go.

Now to connect to a SDR radio on the network

Click Remote Connection "1"

Then Click browse web "2"

Then click on the station you want to listen to "3" I am Clacton on Sea

Then press select "4"

Finally press Connect "5"


SDR radio via the internet

What next ?

I am adding a 2nd SDR port to cover from 64Mhz to 1700Mhz using a FunCube-Pro Dongle connected to a wide band ScanKing Royal discone antenna. Generally regarded as the best all round discone antenna. Not only does the discone antenna cover 25-2000MHz on receive you can also transmit on 6/2/70 & 23cm

FunCube Pro  DongleScanKing Discone antenna

Watch this space


I have only had the SDR-IQ for a short time and find it EXCELENT. The only down side is the software is a bit hard to use and not user friendly.

The good news is Simon Brown HB9DRV "DM780 & Ham Radio Delux" is working on SDR software :-) and im sure it will be just as good as the rest of his software.

Check out how he is getting on with the SDR software HERE

I am Beta testing the SDR software from Simon Brown HB9DRV (DM780 / HRD) , WOW it sure is good (click image for full size)

He should have a beta version ready some time in November for SoftRock users.

Image below showing the software listening to 3 stations at the same time. This was the first version V1.0


I have just got myself a Flex 5000A and am looking forward to the PowerSDR v2.x that they say will allow each VFO to its own soundcard or VAC but I am waiting to see what comes. Until them I will have a play on 20m DRM Easypal with it... If you run a Flex radio with Easypal, I would love to hear how you get on with it?
Want to play with some on line SDR? Click HERE
Want a (VAC) Virtual sound card ? Click HERE
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