Solar PV and Ham Radio in Harmony

The heart of the system is the inverter (Ham Radio Friendly)

I have a 4KW domestic solar system fitted using a SMA Sunny Boy 3600TL inverter. The reason I picked this make is being a radio ham I wanted to minimize any interference to my radio equipment and took advice from the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Briton). To date I have found no RF noise from the inverter. The company I used was excellent and did research for me into RF noise, when the solar system was installed they twisted all wires from the solar panels back to the inverter and also fitted clamp filters.

Here is a SMA Sunny Boy Inverter and display

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter ham radio
Solar inverter display

This series of SMA inverters also have Bluetooth for remote monitoring and this works just fine with the SMA Sunny Boy Explorer program that can be downloaded from HERE and gives many ways of viewing how much KWH your solar panels and solar inverter are generating. Here are a few of the pages you can view, there is much more but these are some of the more usefully pages. You can also export the data for use in external programs

Sunny Explorer Daily view
Sunny Explorer Month view
SMA Inverter day record display
Sunny Boy Inverter Month display
Sunny Explorer DC measurements 2x string
Sunny Explorer AC Grid measurements
SMA Solar Inverter DC display from Sunny Explorer
SMA Solar Inverter AC display from Sunny Explorer

Here is my SMA Sunny Boy 3600TL fitted in my roof spaceMy solar inverter fitted in my loft space

And outside we need some Solar Panels PDF

When choosing solar panels its a bit of a mine field with so many to chose from. I was looking for a company that has been making solar products for a long time and what lifetime grantee they offered. I ended up going for the SolarWorld Sunmodule plus SW 250 mono black units. These were a bit more expensive that others I looked at but seemed to come out top in performance quoting maximum degrerssion of 0.7% p.a and being made in Germany = a well made solar panel.

Solarworld sunmodule 250

Here is a side shot of the 16 solar panels on my roof wired as two strings.Solar PV on my roof

Each panel is 250w so the 16 SolarWorld units give a maximum of 4kw. I could have had the 16 units all together but I asked SunsEnergy LTD to keep a clear space over my kitchen for future dormer window.

I got my custom system fully supplied and fitted from SunsEnergy LTD I decided on this company because they have their own installation team "many use outside installers" and they do both commercial and domestic. Their rep Chrissie was very helpfully and she was very understanding of my needs as a radio ham and did a lot of research for me. You can call Chrissie for a chat on these numbers 01255 822487 or 07967 529512 She is very helpfull and knows her stuff on solar ETC.

Also SunsEnergy LTD took on all the hard work of doing all the paperwork for my feed tariff, all I needed to do was sign it and post it off and job done. I do not work or any part of SunsEnergy LTD I am just a happy customer.

Suns Energy

If you have money sitting in a savings account and you are not looking to move house in the near future, Solar PV in the UK is a no brainier. My system should give all my money back in less than 7 years and there after its all profit and lower energy bills too :)

PS: I'm not into all this solar energy for all the green crap as I don't give a crap about that. I'm doing it to save money ;)

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