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Building a SSTV Web site Resources / Help page

If you want a full Ham site CLICK HERE

First you will need a website, you can get a FREE one "HERE" Just sign up for a free site and wait for your password ETC. Then you will need to make your software send your images to your website ether with the built in FTP "DM780 & EasyPal" or if you are using MMSSTV etc you will need a external program called FTP_Widget" "HERE". Now if you want to put a page on your site you will need a web builder type software Front Page or Dreamweaver are both good. I have made some basic "get you started" pages that you can download and put on your site I have 3 files first one for easypal and a 2nd file for analogue this has 2 files in it, one for MMSSTV that just shows last rx images and one for DM780 that has a added part to display your TX images. What ever one you decide to use, if it will be the only page on your site, you will need to rename it index.html You must do this. then FTP this index.html to your website with a FTP program "HERE" . So now you should have a basic page showing your latest RX images. Now you can play with HTML and ether make your own pages, Edit the basic pages you downloaded or just leave it as it is. When your images are being uploaded to your site, let me know and I will add you to my pages for others to see and link to your site. ENJOY.

If you get stuck or need help "Email Me"

The is a free service to radio hams, but if you decide to use it, please support them with a small donation. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

Below you can see how to setup Easypal, FTP Widget and DM780 with a account

setting up ftp easypalsetting up ftp widget

Setting up DM780 FTP

EasyPal auto FTP upload of your TX Images

If you want to have EasyPal auto upload your TX images to your site you must have first setup your FTP details as above for your RX images. Now click on the TX tab and then right click in the TX image space, this will bring up another window and you just need to tick item 4 "Auto Force FTP Upload as "TX1.jpg"

EasyPal auto upload TX images

Now after EasyPal finishes transmitting each image it will FTP them to your site "same folder as your RX images"

How you want your page to look is up to you. It is worth looking at the many sstv sites round the world to get some ideas. Check out my World SSTV page you will find loads to look at. My site is a ongoing build and I am changing things all the time.
When you get SSTV live on your web site, check out the SSTV Web Ring and join up.
If you get stuck and need any more help, just Email me and I will try my best to help or advise you who else to ask.
Other usefull links to help you build a Ham site

Make your own site logo Every site needs a logo, I made the blue "top left of page" with this.

Make your own navigation buttons This is what I used to make my buttons on my site when i first started.

Loads of animated GIF's Take it easy with these, not too many.

Have you got any links that you think should be added ? "Email Me"
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