Analogue SSTV History

Analogue SSTV was first invented up by Copthorne Macdonald back in 1957 and the first
SSTV image sent across the Atlaantic ocean from WA2BCW to G3AST was on 20th of December 1959
and has come a long way from the early days of using vidicon tubes to dispaly them. Then some years
later "1970" came the first commercial system from Robot with the Robot 70 monitor and Robot 80 camera
then onto the Robot 1200 in 1984. At this time saw the first computer based systems and these programs
have got better as years passed up to present day software like MMSSTV and DM780.

The first Translantic SSTV imageMore 1959 SSTV imagesDigital SSTV History:

Digital image programs are a relatively new thing and there is one program that has taken the lead called EasyPal the "PAL" in the program name is nothing to imply the use of Phase Alternate Line used by PAL-standard.
Digital File Transfer History:

About 2001 - KB9VAK Barry Sanderson made the RDFT (Redundant File Transfer) programs for DOS.
Mid 2002 - The first RDFT GUI for RDFT from VK4AES : DIGSSTV.
DEC 2002 : The first version of DIGTRX from PY4ZBZ was used only by a few Brazilian Hams, and it was totally in Portuguese. Then he received many requests to translate it to English.
He created DIGTRX mainly to offer to all radio amateurs a friendly interface for the fantastic RDFT programs from Barry KB9VAK, and to learn to program in Delphi, to study FFT and new digital modes.
FEB 2005 he also included the new HamDRM mode in DIGTRX ,an adaptation of the DRM “Digital Radio Mondiale” in English this translates to Digital world radio, mode for DIGITAL broadcasting below 30 MHz, done by Cesco HB9TLK, based on another fantastic program from Volker Fisher and Alexander Kurpiers of Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. Several month later, VK4AES included also the HamDRM mode in EasyPal, using the same hamdrm.dll originally made by HB9TLK for DIGTRX.
The latest DIGTRX version is from May 2005.
EasyPal by Erik VK4AES is still a ongoing development.

The latest digital SSTV program is KG-STV by JJ0OBZ Myoko-shi, Niigata. The first version was around march 2010 and is a ongoing devolvement.

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