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The interfaces found on this page can be used for many ham radio programs such as: MMSSTV, EasyPal, FRN, Eqso and Echolink

Basic com port PTT Interface for base / mobile radio

FRN eQSO com port keyer with relay


 Isolated audio & Keyer Interface for base / mobile radio "it is best to isolate the audio"

FRN eQSO com port keyer with audio isolating transformers


Simple Interface for base / mobile radio

Simple FRN eQSO com port keyer


Simple Interface for Handheld Radios

Simple FRN /  eQSO Interface for Handheld Radios


SSTV Interface

Transformer: The type of transformer is determined by the source of the RX audio.

If you take it from the radio's microphone or data jack, you'll use a 600 to  600 Ohm (1:1)

transformer. If you take it from the radio's speaker jack (8 Ohm impedance), you'll need a 1000:8 transformer.


Digital interface


Echolink Interface


PTT Optocoupler

R1 = Resistor, e.g. 1K2, to reduce voltage on the IC pin 1
IC =  Integrated Circuit; this sketch shows an IC, such as a 4N33
or PS2603 Optocoupler, which uses a Darlington pair transistor.
(Note: to identify pin #1, look for a small embossed circle on
the top of the IC above pin 1; or looking into the notch in one
side of the IC with the pins down, pin #1 is to the right of the notch.)
D1 = Diode, e.g. IN4001, would shunt any potential reverse voltage
that might damage the sensitive diode/emitter in the IC.
(Note: the band printed on the diode marks the cathode end,
which attaches to the Serial Port/IC Pin 1 line in the sketch above.
The opposite/anode end attaches to Ground.)

The ideal components for your circuit may vary because of your radio's requirements.

For example, you might be able to use a different type of IC, such as a 4N25 or PS2601, but that may require a different value for R1.

Use the RTS ( Request to send ) pins NOT the DTR ( Data terminal ready ) pins

DB9 Pinouts

On a DB 9 Serial connector use RTS pins 7 ( PTT ) & 5 ( Ground )

DB25 Pinouts

On a DB 25 Serial connector use RTS pins 4 ( PTT ) & 7 ( Ground )

Here is some HT interfaces

HT interface SSTV Echolink FRN Eqso

HT interface SSTV Echolink FRN Eqso


eqso echolink SSTV interface

And if you just can't be bothered!

There is a guy in the UK that builds good quality ready built Interfaces with isolating audio transformers and PTT switching ready wired to your radio for £26.50 plus postage you can contact Alan M0AQC HERE

M0AQC Interface

Alan is a very helpfull guy


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Check out the many links at the top of this page to find SSTV cams and SSTV software. I use Digital Master 780 but many programs are free to download inclding MMSSTV.

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