Setting up a streaming webcam

A streaming web cam can be used for many things on ham radio. The following will get you setup and you will be able to stream many things IE: show a part of your screen to show things like your Easypal waterfall, your SSTV image as its being received or even a simple web cam showing you in the shack. Click "HERE" to see mine.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** This is the IP address of your Router

First you need to know if your IP address is static or dynamic. If your IP is static = it never changes you can skip step 1 and go to step 2. If you are not sure, it will not be a problem if you do step 1 to be on the safe side.

1/ Go to "CLICK HERE" and set up a account. Now you need to setup a FREE dynamic DNS, click SERVICES at top of screen and then dynamic DNS free. Now click "GET STARTED" now fill hostname as your callsign and in the pull down on the right if this pick in the part below this click on "use auto detected IP address" then at bottom of page click "Add to cart" then click "NEXT" and on the following page click "ACTIVATE". Now at the top of the screen click on "SUPPORT" and download the dyndns updater and install it on the PC you will be running the streaming from. You now have a static IP address of

Some of you are having problems setting up the DynDns account, Here is a short video

2/ Now you need to open up some ports in your router. you need to open ports 8080 and 8090 TCP/UDP. if you don't know how to do this you will be best to use "CLICK HERE" from the list click on your router and then from the next list click on "web cam XP" now it asks "please enter the static IP you want to forward to" this will be the IP address of the PC "not the IP address of the router". To find this open a DOS window (Accessories > Command Prompt) and type "IPCONFIG" and from the list the one you want is ether marked IP Address or IPv4 Address, enter it in the box and follow all the instructions, take care.

2a/ To test you have ports 8080 and 8090 open you can download a program to test HERE and run the tests. This MUST be run on the PC that you will be running your cam on. If the program reports that both ports are open you can move on to section 3. If both ports are not open you need to go back to section 2 and check your settings.

3/ Now you need to download ether Webcam 7 or Webcam XP , I use Webcam 7 as webcam XP will not work with Windows 7 64bit. I will go through the setting up of Webcam 7 but Webcam XP (for Windows XP and Windows 7 32 bit users) should be much the same. After you install Webcam 7 you will have a choice of 3 settings, pick the first one "webcam 7 FREE (supports only 1 video source)". When program starts click on Web / Broadcast on left of program. Make sure that the server is not running, If you have a green tick at top of page you need to click "Disable" Now under "IP Address / Host name" you need to enter either the DYNDNS host name "" if you needed to set up a DYNDNS host or if you have a static ip address you enter this here "your IP address will be displayed at the top of this page". Now click on the "ACTIVATE" button and this stage should be working.

4/ Now you need to download "EP Cam", "Super Webcam" or "ManyCam" Super Webcam is best under Windows XP and ManyCam is best under Windows 7. By FAR "EP Cam" is ther best one to use as it will also display your progress bar, last RX image and even your signal metre (if you have it on your pc screen) for this you will need a extra program such as Ham Radio Delux.

4a/ To use the Best option "EP Cam" download the latest version and get full install infomation "HERE"

4b/ If you install Super Webcam click on "Video source" then put a tick in "Desktop" Now click on "Options" and from the scroll down menu click "video options" then "video output stream". In the output resolution change to 320x240 at bottom of this page click on "select rectangle". Now move this box to the part of your screen you want to stream and click OK.

4c/ If you install manycam it will want to set your browser home page to something else and download a free trial of norton, make sure you un check these if you don't want them. When installed click on the "sources" tab and then the desktop tab if you wish to stream a part of your screen and then "custom desktop" then you can put a box round the part of the screen you want to stream. All should now be working, if not. go back to your Webcam 7 program, click the monitor tab and on the right you will see "source selection" try clicking on the number 1 if you don't see the part of your desktop right click on the number 1 and move mouse over "PCI/USB (WDM Driver)" and click on "many cam"

If you are setting up a Easypal Webcam, When you have it running please Email Dick W3WVG with your Cam details. you can contact Dick via his website "HERE" your cam URL is in the bottom corner of ether Webcam XP or Webcam 7 and if you wish to enter it yourself into Digi-Sites don't forget to add /cam_1.jpg after the 8080

Hopefully all the above is 100% but if you find any errors please EMAIL ME

You are welcome to put a link to this page from your web site. DO NOT COPY this page

Many thanks to Ted JA2GZZ for his translation to Japanese, Click link for PDF

Click to download Japanese instructions

If you have any problems the thing to check is your port forwarding, check and double check this. if all fails you can use Skype to get help

Skype help

Paul G0HWC Skype name: paul.g0hwc

Paul GW0MMB Skype name: gw0mmb

Please let me know if you are able to help others and I will add you to the list.

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