Essex live WebCam looking out to sea 4 miles from here


Essex WeatherCam Updates every 60 seconds

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Latest image looking out to sea Tendering, Essex

See timestamp to know if webcam is "LIVE"

WebCam located at Brightlingsea Sailing Club For more info (please support local business)

Europe Sat

Live Europe weather satellite

Caribbean Sat

Live Caribbean weather satellite

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NW USA weather satellite

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Pacific live weather satellite


Europe Rain Radar


live rain and lightning strikes Radar


UK Lightning Strikes Boltec


Lightning strikes UK 

This UK lightning strike plot is updated every 10 minutes and individual strike data is kept for 95 minutes. Please note that the thunderstorm report gives range and bearing relative to the station site marked with a + on the map.This image and report is generated by Astrogenic 'Nexstorm' software using a Boltek lightning detector. The station is located in the Southern Pennines, UK at an elevation of 300m, a location which makes it ideal for accurate ranging.

UK Weather Overview



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