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I keep being asked if I can help with adding pages to the basic SSTV HTML pages I have on this site for download. So I have decided to try to make a "get you started" bunch of files. With these files you should be able to get a site up and running within a few hours.


The first step is to register for a free web site at It can take up to 48 hours to get your password back but as quick as a few hours. Please remember that is a free service and if you use the service a donation to them will be most helpful. "I have no connection with"

You will need to download this file:

Look here to see the basic web site you will get

In here you will find some ready made HTML files "the pages of your site" and a images folder with some site buttons, header images and background images. Don't do anything with them yet.

You will now need a program to add your details ETC into these pages, some of you may already have programs to do this. If you don't have anything to edit html files you would be best to get a copy of Microsoft "Front Page" or search the net for a free html editor.

I have just found this FREE program called "Page Breeze" just had a quick play with it and is seems to be ok and will do all you need. Click HERE to go to the Page Breeze site

For all these site pages you will need to make just 1 page header image "something like what's at the top of this page. In the images folder you will find 2 of them cut to size. One of them I have put the sort of details you may put on yours and the 2nd is left blank for you to add your own call sign ETC, Just use the basic "paint" program in windows to do this. The file you need to use is called "blank_header" and you need to save this as "header.jpg" when you have added your call sign ETC. You can make your own from a cropped photo, just make it 1000px wide by 200px but the height can be more if you want. Copy the file back into the images folder.

I have made 38 navigation buttons, these are all in the images folder. If you want to add to them you can make them HERE the one I have used is called "cool text" and the button settings you need to set from default are button width 110, height 30 and font size 20. Them make each button as you need and save it with its button name.

Adding and changing pages, The default "index.html" is your home page, the page that visitors to your site will normally come to first. you MUST have this page on your site but you can change the buttons I have already added. If you add one of the supplied buttons or add a new one of your own you will need to make a page to match this button. Lets say you make a new button called "my cats" and put it on the home page, you will also need to make a page called "cats.html" to make it easy for you I have put a page in the main download folder called "default.html" you need to make a copy of this page and call it "cats.html" and link the "my cats" button to the new "cats.html". Always remember any page you add as a minimum MUST have a link back to your "HOME" page "index.html". It is always a good idea to have links to all pages from all of your pages. This way a visitor will not get lost and will be able to navigate to any page on your site where ever they may be.

Tips: If you decide to have a whole new set of pages on your site that are not in this default set of pages and I'm sure 99% of you will. Just start with the "index.html" and just add all the page buttons you want, make the "header.jpg" and leave the rest of the page blank. Now say you have 8 page buttons on this page, one will be "home" that will link to "index.html" so you have 7 more, lets call them button 2 to button 8, you have your button 1 as home page. So all your buttons are in place and you need to tell these buttons where to navigate to, so "button 2" would link to "2.html" through to "button 8" linking to "8.html". Now you need to make a 7 copy's of your "index.html" that you have just made and call them "2.html" through to "8.html". By doing this all of your site pages will have the same navigation buttons and be able to link to any page. One last thing, keep all your page names in lower case, some web site servers don't like upper case, as I found out when my site host moved my site to a new server and I lost many of my pages!!

This may all sound a bit complex, but its easy when you get your head round it.

If you just can't do it, send me a email and I will make it for you "as long as it don't take over all my spare time".

Other links you may find helpful:

Make your own site logo Every site needs a logo

Loads of animated GIF's Take it easy with these, not too many.

Some SSTV pages for download You can add these pages to your site if you run SSTV


I will be updating this page as I think of more things or find any mistakes. If you get stuck you can always email me If you have any comments or have any input for this page, please let me know

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