Welcome to G0HWC

G0HWC is a place for all things radio related. We share information about how to properly use and make the most out of two-way radios, ham radios, car radios, etc. We also have thorough reviews on what products you should and should not get.

Our goal is to make radios more accessible and helpful to everyone. So, whether you are working in the public safety, healthcare, education, or entertainment industry, you can find content that helps you ease your way through the radio realm.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced members. They have all been active in the radio field.

Before a piece of content is made, we consult with others in the field to deliver relevant information. We also do thorough research and cross-check with credible sources.

All our content is carefully reviewed and revised by other experts in the field.

All product reviews are personally tested by our team members and assessed objectively. Our process included comparing manufacturers’ claims with results provided and looking at actual user reviews from various sources.

The products chosen for reviews are not based on sponsors. We select products that are currently popular and talked-about in the field, products that need clearer verdicts, or products that has just been released.

Meet our team


Hi there! I am Howe, and I am the founder of G0HWC. I have been a radio enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I live and breathe radio, always taking the chance to blabber about it when customers seek my radio mechanic services.
Five years into working as a radio mechanic, I realized that most people struggle to fully understand the different complex aspects of owning and using a radio, though they understand the importance of having one.
And it dawned on me: I can put my blabbering to good use!
I started G0HWC to blabber all I want and help others who are not yet well-versed in radio language in doing so.

– Norris Howe


Hello! I am Hart, the content writer and editor here at G0HWC. I used to be in the same local radio club with Howe, and he convinced me to join him in spreading my love for the radio with others. Now, I do it full-time!
With a background in radio studies, I spend every day crafting accurate, easy to read content on various topics related to owning and using radios. I also research and test radio models and accessories myself to produce honest user guides and reviews for G0HWC readers.
I hope that my content can help you confidently venture in your radio journey!

– Rafeal Hart